Wednesday, September 22, 2010


what a nice stat to see first thing in the morning! ive reached this level (this sounds like some kind of video game! dude, ibang level na ako!) of 200 raiders! wow! thanks so much, all you kind people!

every day, about 3 - 4x/day, i check my comments moderation site. seeing comments just lights up my day! i become especially thrilled with more than 3 comments at a time. simple notes, thoughts as comments as so welcome. of course, i love that you share lengthier views, even if sometimes painful (hehe). though i know the blog does not encourage it as much, since it is not so much a forum but a form of self expression.

then the pressure is on to come up with a post. yes, there are days when nothing seems to pop inside my head. as mcvie puts it "grasping at straws". i try hard to come out with something relevant, read-worthy and/or thought-provoking. yet nothing comes to mind. and i feel i disappoint you. and you'll go away.

when there are topics that do light up, the challenge is how to put them on the blog. only because such sudden gusts of inspiration happen everywhere, in the car, at work, at church, in the shower. and just as suddenly, i forget them. signs of my age. sigh. ive started to put some of them down in a note but again, i cant capture a lot of them.

lastly, its the sin of omission - of not responding to your comments. im so sorry for that. priority is to read the comment, publish them. then go back to the life of cc. so i resort to reply-broadcast-to-all. just like this post. an attempt to continue communicatiing. a poor attempt. so please accept my apologies for this. i will try my darndest best.

so dear raiders, all 200 of you, and all others who may choose not to 'follow' me. and to all you anonymous ones... Thank You for continuing to take some time, some valuable time to open this li'l site and read/raid the closet. Sorry for not always responding to the comments. Sorry for some weird or stupid or emo-much posts. ill improve on these points. Or at least try. :-)

cc <3 raiders


Bleeding Angel said...

wow, if you only knew, we really love reading your blog not just to be entertained but to actually feel the random things that CC felt every now and then :) more power!

markus said...

Oh, so I sealed it at 200th. ;) Congrats.

Tony said...

dapat may prize yung pang 200th raider! Parang video game lang :P

Jedd said...

Congratulations :) though I'm sure you have way more followers than 200. I keep track of your blog through my Google Reader feeds.

Mu[g]en said...

Congratulations CC. Though I seldom comment on your blog, but you are, one of my favorite reads. :)

Ms. Chuniverse said...

ay ang galing-galing. congrats! ganyan talaga pag masarap basahin ang blog.


tingnan mo 201 na.

aketch nga 39 lang ang followers, pero blushing na. hihihi!

go!go! go!

Marky said...

You should schedule a meet and greet.

Nimmy said...

nice!! congratulations!!!

ibalik ang Thursdays with CC. hihi

Anonymous said...

How about a CC Book?

I would buy one for myself ;D


Scott said...

yeah, may party ba for the 200 sa isang malaking wardrobe?

Mac Callister said...

200!thats my dream!im still waiting for 8 more to make it to 200 as well!LOL

congrats.I love your blog,i love blogs who shares most of their personal lives...

wag ka magsasawa.

Anonymous said...

Yey CC!!! Opening your page has been a routine for me!!! And yes, it's disappointing when you dont have anything new! LOL.

closet case said...

@bleeding angel @jedd @mug[j]en @ms chuniverse @nimmy @pg @scott @mac callister @anonymous MANY MANY THANKS! im so honored and pleased and gratified!
@markus @tony i think it IS markus! what prize do you want, @markus? hehe
@pg a book? you'll get bored if you had to labor through a book on cc!
@marky @scott meet and greet? maybe sooooon! an intimate party!

Kane said...


When I was reading this post, in my head I was going, "Oh no. Oh no. He's going to go sappy!!!"

Hahaha. And you did!

I suppose congratulations are in order. =) Cheers


Richard Jaravata said...

no wonder, hehe. congrats! =)