Sunday, September 12, 2010

i never got to see the movie. will probably download me a copy soon. its just that today, this morning i am fillled with this overwhelming sense of gratitude.

its a beautiful sunny day here in cebu. im enjoying the free breakfast and the upgrade in the hotel. ive just spoken to my parents who remain healthy and cheerful. i'm comforted by the love of my prince charming though he is in manila. later ill be having much fun with fellow fabs and friends in our last day in cebu. and i turn to the blog, my humble blog to read raiders, friends really, who still take time to read this.

today, i do not have to pray "a grateful heart create within me, o Lord". im one great big heart of thanks.

i only have the Almighty to thank for all these undeserved blessings. i still refer to these as undeserved because whatever good things i may have done are more than offset by the things i have done that i shouldnt have, the things i should have done. that propels me, compels me to live a life trying to deserve the blessings every day.

i hope that i will remember this feeling throughout the day and be conscious of spreading love and cheer. i guess that is the reason why i now pray "a steadfast spirit create within me, too, o Lord". the there might be constancy in this feeling of gratitude all the days of my life.

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Mr. Hush Hush said...

hi cc

i've been following your blogs and I must admit that the entries are something I can relate to! hehe Just want to say hi.

It's your blog that inspired me to do my own =)

Bryan said...

Hope you enjoyed your Cebu stay! :)