Monday, September 6, 2010

man-crush: the meet-up

i had a brief window after my class and before a date. his invite for coffee was quickly arranged. weird thoughts were running through my head. what if he turns out to be another mr ripley? what if he stands me up? but these were balanced by reassuring thoughts of our conversations.

i raced up to the second floor of the starbucks outlet to see him, pouring over his books.

he is real. he is as he declared himself to be. he is as beautiful as i have seen in his pics. i went up to him, introduced myself and offered my hand for a handshake.

i didnt want to disturb him much, knowing he was actually studying. but he gamely entertained me, even as he ate his late lunch.

we kept it at a certain level. geek level. as i asked him stuff about the iPad, apps, etc., him being a certified geek & gadget guy. it was a safe topic. i was trying to gauge any attraction, now that he has seen me, too. i wasn't sensing much though. we stayed at that topic until the time i had to leave.

it was all very... professional, courteous and polite. and it left me all the more confused.

i texted him after, inviting him for dinner. he agreed "when our schedules meet."

nevertheless, i still liked him. i liked him more. i still want to pursue this. all the more.

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