Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursdays with CC: preparation

you can never be over-prepared. i believe that. there are just too many variables to monitor and to account for. you should always feel that need, nay that compulsion, to prepare adequately for that report, that presentation, that meeting, that class.

sometimes, i note, with much disappointment, quite a number of people who go to meetings, and even their own presentations, unprepared. they dont have their reference materials with them. they didnt read the agenda ahead of time, they didnt do their homework. the worse is the way they try to pull it off, to wing it because of some ability to talk in the English language.

these people i cut down to size. i feel i am wasting my time if you didnt even bother to prepare adequately. and those moments, i could just be vicious.

by all means, prepare, prepare and prepare. you will never know where the client, the boss, the principal will be coming from when those questions start coming. and if after all that preparation, you still dont have the answers, or were still left dumbfounded, be comforted by the idea that your efforts to prepare will reap rewards soon. you will learn from the experience and read your audiences better. and be able anticipate their questions and comments more accurately.

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Scott said...

my bosses would always be surprised to note that only after saying a short discussion on the matter, the notepad is brimming with notes and questions and only to learn that I read the agenda ahead of time and thought about it on my way to the meeting. I was like 'aren't we all supposed to do that before a meeting?'