Monday, September 20, 2010

for keeps

wow ang saya-saya! happiness na may jowa ka na, teh! sana tumagal naman yan!

hey cc, im happy for you. how long do you think this will last?

sincere responses to my new relationship. though i admit to reacting internally with a raised eyebrow, i hold my tongue.

im playing for keeps. i didnt wait for two and a half years and dated so many guys only to play around again.

this is it for me.

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MkSurf8 said...

all the best cc =)

Nimmy said...

love love. crazzzy love. la la la


Kane said...

Oooohhh... evil....


Scott said...

at last, nakilala mo na rin ang magpapa amo kay CC! all the romance! :)

CladestinePlanet said...

i'm happy for you CC. i hope that's it for you.

i just had another attempt at love gone kaput. :(
but, i have always been a believer of the phrase "it's the lover not the love". so, i'll keep on loving until i find that perfect match.

Mac Callister said...

hey goodluck...

alagaan nyo yan,at alam ko yun desire mo na magkaroon ng long lasting rel e anjan,who ever he is,he's one lucky guy to have you!

Ronnie said...

love love love =)

Richard Jaravata said...


Anonymous said...

No offense but I just have to ask why react with a raised eyebrow? I don't think you can blame them because you did paint yourself in that light. You have said countless times in previous blogs that you don't think relationships are for you and all you're going to do is keep on dating. Not to mention your countless indiscretions when you were in a relationship. You yourself said that you tried to stay monogamous after you were caught but you couldn't. (it's obvious I've followed your blog)

With all that said, I wonder why you seem surprised and even slightly insulted that these people have left those kinds of comments.

Lastly, regarding your statement about waiting 2 and half years only to play around again, I do wish you mean this because, as mentioned earlier, a relationship wasn't enough to deter you from fooling around before. Will this prove to be different?

Only time will tell.

closet case said...

@mksuf8 @ronnie @richard salamat!
@nimmy craaazzzzeee truly!
@kane hahahaha
@scott nakahanp ng katapat!
@clandestine planet im sorry to hear that. dont stop believing!
@anonymous one thank you for such candor!