Wednesday, September 1, 2010

man-crush: mixed signals

we would exchange texts from time to time since then. but sometimes, i would still wonder whether he is just being polite or if there is some real interest. when we talk over the phone, i usually ask the questions. a lot of answers i get from him only reinforce my blossoming affection for him. on top of that is his sexy voice, impeccable grammar and excellent diction. and his gorgeous pics in his profile. but this would be dampened from time to time by delayed replies and, delaying tactics to meeting up.

there was a time that my schedule permitted me to be in his area. but suddenly something seemingly came up and he couldnt make it, yet again. i was getting disheartened. then out of the blue, he would text me, wanting to talk to me, even for a bit. that would melt me all over again.

i finally decided to put a time limit to this. if he still doesnt want to meet up, then i must give up.

before the deadline, i receive a totally unexpected gift from him, delivered straight to my doorstep, a dvd of a movie we were talking about the previous night! i was floored by the sweetest gesture.

is he into me or not?

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drew said...

It seems to me that even he doesn't know if he's into you or not. He could be taking his time trying to decide.

Jaytee said...

its refreshing to know that even the most experienced people struggle with this dilemma. I can only good luck.

Johnny Cursive said...

have the two of you met already? if not, then you really have to already

Dhon said...

i think he is not sure what he wants..

Prince Henry said...

He's not into youHahaha I do that when I am still undecided. *Bad me* Or maybe the sweet gestures were just mists that cover up something, maybe a lie! hahaha i dunno. case to case basis.

Dan Reyes said...

If he's not into you, why is he still in your life? Giving you time in his seemingly tight schedule?

We must not expect to be loved the way we want to be rather understand and appreciate how our lovers express their love for us.

Every acts that he's not entitled to do but he did just for you is an expression of love.

Delayed text messages? LOL hehehehe parang high school nakakakilig...