Monday, September 6, 2010

a post script

i posted this a few months back a bloggers tale about this grindree with a not-so-high regard of bloggers.

i recently got a text from cutie
hi. curious about something... i was going through my entire ipod playlist when i chanced upon a podcast i downloaded some years back, featuring Migs the manila gay guy and several other people. i just listened to it again after all these years and am wondering.. Are you the same CC who's in the show? if so, kudos to all of you! if not, just ignore this!

of course i told him that i was THAT cc

well, congratulations on your well put-out shows.

that made me smile and made me proud. and to think he made me seriously reconsider my blogging!

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joelmcvie said...

I wonder what particular podcast he listened to? =)

Jr Martillo said...

I've listened to most fabcasts if not all. I value the opinion of each member and in doing so, I am able to gain my own insight regarding the topic.

I'd like to think that each fabcast has one objective - to spur learning so that there may be change in perception; thereby, creating a better individual, a better person, a well-balanced gay guy, fabulously out or otherwise.

Kudos, CC.