Monday, September 6, 2010

Good Luck

im not sure but are people generally aware that the appropriate greeting for newly weds (newly committed) is 'best wishes'?

I myself used to interchange that with 'congratulations' until someone explained to me that even 'congratulations' sounds tacky. it connotes performance achievement. and that is not necessarily the best way of looking at personal relationships. like having 'earned' it somehow. working hard to finally be in a relationship or to get married. not very romantic, is it?

then there's 'good luck!' as a greeting. if people wish you 'good luck', they wish that luck is on your side. you will need it. the task at hand will be challenging. or the road difficult. and you will need all the luck you can muster.

this is hardly the appropriate greeting for someone in a new relationship. 'good luck because you'll need it, dear'. it's like walking towards imminent doom.

friends of PC, three of them, greeted him with 'good luck' when they learned he is now in a relationship... with cc.

wth? lol

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Anonymous said...

wishing you "good" on top of the "luck" wishes may also mean, more goodness and luck in your new relationship with prince charming eh?

so, that'd be a good thinking alernative than thinking otherwise. cheer up cc. cc + pc = ccp? (cultural center of the philippines? kiddin')

miss your chats cc. hope we are still friends and pc won't be jealous if we remain friends. haha

i'll text you na lang kung sino ako... =)

Pipo said...

Break a leg, CC.

Kidding. =P

MkSurf8 said...

some would say "congratulations" to the groom and "best wishes" to the bride


to you CC "congratulations!" and to PC "good luck!"

hahahaha peace!

Tony said...

It's all a matter of perspective. The words "Good luck" is just that, a wish that he be in good fortune. Reading it in too much (with a tinge of negativity) just makes it like a compliment non-compliment. :P

closet case said...

@anonymous one. good positive point. i guess im being defensive? haha ill wait for your text!

@pipo LOL love it!

@mksurf8 megaknown?! hahaha

@tony guilty siguro ako?!?

joelmcvie said...

Eh teh, ano gusto mong greeting? Here I made some options, for you as client to choose from:

[1] "Work hard!"
[2] "Have romance!"
[3] "Happy twosome!"
[4] "Haylaveth!"
[5] "Bongga wagi!"
[6] "It's about time!"
[7] "Who died and made you two happy?"
[8] "Happiness and good fortune shine upon the two of you, for as long as you two remain together; that is, unless someone or the both of you fuck this relationship up, in which case, sorry na lang kayo!"

Felipe said...

Ang greeting ko na lang sa iyo, "nawa'y manatiling mainit ang bibingka at sariwa ang itlog na maalat." Hihihihihihi

Anonymous said...

bigla akong na-shy cc magtext.. hahaha... i guess you will have an idea who i am...
- Durian

rudeboy said...

"May your union last longer than the warranty on this cheap oven toaster I got you" works for me.