Sunday, September 12, 2010

man-crush: my gift of honesty

the next few dates we had were just sweet and beautiful, enjoying durian together, watching a musical, him helping me with my gadget issues. the love seed planted in my heart had slowly began to take root and grow. i would have these nice conversations with him. and i would sometimes just find myself tongue tied, gazing at his lovely face.

i knew that the time was coming for me to finally tell him what i felt, to declare my intentions, less he misinterpret all my actions as simply friendly. timing was all i needed now.

it finally happened at the end of that one date, as i was bringing him to the spot where his driver will fetch him. i was fidgeting the whole time before that, waiting for the right time.

i have something to tell you. ahm.


ive grown very very fond of you the past few weeks. and...


ahmm. (i was stammering now) i'd like to say that i want...
that i would want ... i mean, i would like to pursue this to another level.

oh i see (a slight smile on those lovely lips)

im getting to like you so much and id still want to get to know you more ahmmm and see if we could get to ... ahhm.. a commitment. sheesh i feel like a 16yo!

(he breaks into a wide grin) cc, i'd also want to see this develop that way.

(suppressing my delight) ah oh wow, thats great! i mean i dont want to rush this. and id like to do this at your pace. oh gosh, im stammering again

(he laughs) you are so cute. sure, cc, lets get to know each other more and see how feelings develop... thank you for the honesty.

you deserve only the truth about how i feel.

i was jumping up and down... inside my head! im going to play my cards right. yes, this is it.

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S.O.L.B. said...

this is a good news...its about time.....i'm happy for you cc. you deserved to be happy. Take care and see you when I see you. :)

Mac Callister said...

sweet!finally a new love story on the way!


Scott said...

CC, pwde na atang romantic movie to eh! :)

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA! can i just say, ilang taon k n ulit? LOLS! age doesn't matter talaga. love this post!

Anonymous said...

anlandi mo cc! gosh! im flushing, err blushing. cute! me "love" story na bang kasunod? hehe

-Pedro aka Pierre