Thursday, September 2, 2010

man-crush: the gift of song

he first surprised me with an email of music he enjoyed. he sent a link to downloadable files of beautiful classical music. four albums he uploaded for me to enjoy. the accompanying letter was short but signed with affection.

the music was moving, exquisite, tender. as only classical music, specially piano music could be. i was utterly delighted. and amazed. he is only in his twenties yet he enjoys the beauty of old world music. i called him an old soul.

then, another surprise the following day. as i was in his area, he invited me to coffee finally! he made it before my self-imposed deadline. it seemed like he was ready to meet me.

and after having stared at his fb pictures for dozens of times, i will be finally seeing him face to face.

Location:Emilio Aguinaldo Hwy,Tagaytay City,Philippines